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Step One: Pre Start & Approvals

Before the excitement of your home’s construction can begin, there are a number of formalities that need to be completed. Don’t let that scare you off – we’re here to help you get through all of them and get you on to the fun part of building your new home.

The first thing you will need to know is your budget and how much you can afford to borrow. In most cases it’s best to source information from a trusted financial advisor who will be your point of contact in getting mortgage pre-approvals and dealing with the banks. You may also be eligible for the First Home Owners Grant which can help you with your initial deposit.

Once you know your budget and receive mortgage pre-approval, you need a block of land to build your new home. This can quite often be the most difficult part – finding a location that suits you as well as balancing the cost of land with the cost of a home that suits you and your family and fits within your budget. Another factor for selecting land is the shape of the block – is it wide enough to fit a 4 bedroom home design? Is it long enough for the home design that you like? If it all gets a bit too difficult, don’t stress. At Lordz not only can we help you with a variety of land options that are compatible with our home designs, but we can also custom design almost anything for any block of land.

Next, you can move into the next most exciting phase of home building – preliminary works, initial drafting and pre-start. This is where you’ll get to work one-on-one with our expert home designers to craft your new home. At this point you will plan how you want the rooms to be laid out, how the home will be oriented on the lot, and what the overall aesthetic will be like. During pre-start, you will be able to design the look and feel of your home – choose your elevation, bricks, roof type and colour, flooring, fittings, lighting and much more. Unlike other builders, you have the power to select materials, fittings and internals from a massive range of companies across Perth.

Step Two: Construction

Once everything has been designed and all the necessary Shire and Council approvals have been given, construction can commence! This is where you will experience the Lordz difference – quality, care & efficiency in construction. You carefully designed your new home throughout the planning & pre-start phase- now you can sit back and let our experienced building team carefully bring it to life.

Construction starts with siteworks where we do all the necessary clearing and levelling of your land, install retaining walls if required, and survey and peg the boundaries. Other building companies in Perth don’t even tell you that siteworks isn’t included in the price of the house, but with Lordz all the information is provided to you up front. The siteworks fee depends on the location of the land and how much work is required to level it and prepare it for slab down.

The slab is what builds a solid foundation for the rest of your home. We ensure this is the highest quality available that will meet requirements of the Shire – and we always consider the soil report for your block. Once the slab is set, brickwork follows.

We always use quality two-course bricks to construct the walls of your home – and these are available in a wide variety of colours and textures. The bricks are a key ingredient in the character of your home, and our professional brick layers ensure they are laid with precision and care. There’s no rough around the edges here.

The final structure of your house is completed with the roof frame and roof cover. We use quality pre-treated timber for the roof frame, this allows for more creative designs and more versatile  during construction. The roof cover comes in 2 materials firstly metal (this could be colourbond or trimdeck) and secondly tiles (many profiles to choose from) we are also open to any alternative method for example metal roof sheets with a tile profile if it’s what you desire.

The final steps in this phase are putting in ceilings, windows and doors. Once these are in, your home can be officially locked up for security purposes. Your home is now in the lock up phase, where we move onto the internals and final finishing work.

Step Three: Final Finishes

The final finishes are where your home really comes to life. Your personal selections for every part of your house are installed and fitted – flooring (carpets, tiling or timber), painting, cabinetry, kitchen and bathroom fittings (sinks, taps, showerheads), power points, internal doors and cupboards and much more. We take great care and pride in making sure the final finish looks absolutely perfect. We are a “measure ten times, cut once” type of company to be certain all fittings are absolutely flush and measured to precision.

We hate it when our customers find an issue that we didn’t see, and that’s why we push ourselves to go the extra mile and make sure the internals look as fantastic as they should. If we see something that we would complain about if it was in our home, you can rest assured we’ll fix it and get it right before inspection time.

Step Four: Inspection & Handover

Upon nearing the completion of your home, we invite you as the happy new homeowner to come and inspect our high level of workmanship. We will guide you through your new home and make sure you are happy with every little detail, from the front door handle to the alfresco out back. The final inspection stage is your chance to identify and report anything you think isn’t right, or ask any questions about the build. We guarantee that anything that was signed off in the project plans will be delivered to you in perfect working condition. We also have a 12 month guarantee, not the standard 6 month guarantee given by most builders. This is where if you identify any issues within that time after taking the keys, we will come inspect and fix if it is an issue with the build.

Once the inspection is complete and everything is signed off, we hand you the sparkling new keys to your brand new home! It’s finally that time where you can pop open the champagne and enjoy your home built with precision and quality.