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Our story

We started Lordz because we saw an opportunity in the Perth building market – an opportunity to become the home builder that home buyers have been screaming out for. We want to be the primary builder in Perth that is honest, upfront and provides a premium quality construction that really solidifies the home as the biggest asset in our customer’s lives. The home is where people spend the majority of their time, so our homes are designed to be enjoyed and marvelled as a great product.

We recognised that other Perth builders will give you a quote for a home, followed with a $10,000 air conditioning package, or a kitchen upgrade that should have been part of the house already. At Lordz, we want to be the builder that outlines every item in your house with an honest price, and give the customer the power to choose what optional extras they want. Other builders guarantee a 24 week construction timeframe, but they don’t tell you their administration times are excruciatingly long. At Lordz, we just tell you how it is.

A local hand picked team of professionals

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We’re not like other builders

At Lordz we are premium home builders, and when you see the work we do on the final finishes on your home, you’ll see why. We put great care in making your home stunning to live in – premium quality flooring and tiling, precision cabinetry, and beautiful fittings for your kitchens and bathrooms. A good home starts with solid foundations – that’s why we over engineer our concrete, solid two-course bricks, and individually cut roof frames to ensure a solid build that will last a lifetime.

While other builders promise everything and end up delivering a product that appears cheap and rushed (even though it took them forever), our homes deliver a polished product, on time and costing exactly what you expected before we started.